Extreme Sports Roundup Week 35 2020 by Kamran Syed

16. 11. 2020

Extreme Sports news and events from around the world. Extreme Sports Roundup includes Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Paramotor, PPG, Speed Riding, Speed Flying, Kite Surfing and related sports. The search for James Kiwi Johnston is continuing, four days after he went missing while flying XC in Nevada. World Cup Disentis 2020, Task 3 highlights. Can a 12 year old solo paraglide on day 1? Let’s see. A paraglider is going for a wild take off. More clips are coming in from Greek Championship 2020. Rio Grande Paramotor has some amazing clips for the sports of paramotor. Björn flies with Christophe from Gerlitzen ski area, Austria. Kitesurfers are busy in their sports during the Storm Ellen Cornwal.

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