Flying with Friends: The Valley of the Gods with Tom Erik Heiman

21. 12. 2019

This flight was from BASE Day at Extreme Sports Week 2018 in Voss, Norway. This is Gudvangen, The Valley of the Gods, near Voss. This exit is called Sherpings and was my 4th jump of BASE day getting helicopter rides to the Sparkling Diamonds exit and then hiking from there. Tom Erik is a big inspiration for me. He was one of the first people I saw a video of wingsuiting on the internet and inspired me to start my journey of becoming a wingsuit pilot. To build my skills over many years and then to chase one of my heroes down the beautiful Norwegian mountains was a surreal experience.

I really enjoy being the camera man on wingsuit flights. I love capturing video of my friends in their element, shining as beautiful human beings. It also challenges my own flight skills, to be able to fly relative to another person and frame the shot, whilst maintaining awareness of my own line and energy.

Rather than cut and edit the video with music, I thought I would share the raw footage. I feel it shares more of the experience, my nervousness and preparation on the edge, the sense of speed with the sound of the wind through the flight and the joy of life after a safe parachute opening and landing. Come along for the ride.

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