Wingsuit Flying Over a Dam Wall

3. 11. 2020

This is Brendan Weinstein, a 29 yr old wingsuit pilot, the mountain Brendan is flying down is Le Pleureur, located in Switzerland, and the dam is called Mauvoisin Dam . Brendan said , he has been making this jump for 2 years with one goal, to build up enough speed, to buzz the lake and fly over the wall of the dam at the end, and it took him 28 flights to figure it all out. Brendan runs the company BaseBeta which is dedicated to serving base jumpers, and has done roughly 1200 wingsuit flights, 700 base jumps, and 800 skydives and spent 2 years preparing for this flight with fellow jumpers. I did a story in 2018 on Brendan Weinstein and since doing that story, Brendan came to me and asked if I would tell you about this flight. Thanks for watching

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