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My Gravel Ride - Vašek Kolář

22. 4. 2021

Vašek Kolář: After my first ride on a Gravel bike I called my video maker Jiri Fikejz and I said: „Hey bro, I would like to make a new video“ He answered: „Well, OK. Let´s do it!“ I was highly motivated as this project was my first experience with this type of bike and those handlebars. We started filming in March and we had to face Covid related restrictions as well as constantly changing weather here in the Czech Republic. We got sunshine, rain and some snow in between. Despite the circumstances we were able to shoot in some interesting locations like train stations, street and bike parks, on construction machines, etc. I was so surprised what was possible to do with this bike, essentially without practice, and what the bike survived. Fun fact for you guys I had reverse brakes during the entire video making. Enjoy it!

Rider: Vašek Kolář -

Main Camera, Edit: Jiří Fikejz -​

B-cam: Jakub Strim, Ondřej Grund

Music: Sweat It Out by Better Times, Route 66 by Last Hero

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