Canyoning in Italy - Rio Nero, Trentino, Italy

15. 12. 2020

Probably one of the most well known canyons close to Lake Garda, with a very different ambiance compared to nearby canyons such as Palvico, Massanglia, or Vajo dell Orsa. More open, but surrounded by very high walls, Rio Nero continues for about 4-5 hours during which you find nice abseils and high jumps. The start of the canyon is a bit of a drag (walking on a slippery riverbed for 30 mins). However, as you can park at the entry of the canyon, there is no need for an ascent if you have two cars available. The bottom part of the canyon is done commercially, so expect some groups there on weekends. The canyon ends at a lovely restaurant with cheap and delicious pizza!

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