Canyoning in Italy - Vajo dell Orsa, Verona, Italy

15. 12. 2020

A stunning, magnificent canyon close to Lago di Garda that offers many different styles and atmospheres in one canyon. The jungle-like start, followed by a long, very narrow, dark, and deep section full of jumps and slides, after which you walk into a wide section with very high and straight walls. This beautiful canyon near Lake Garda offers something for everyone, and will make every canyoneer and canyoning enthusiast happy. Parking: 45°38'41.6"N 10°52'16.2"E Approach: Walk back to the village, fill up your water bottles, and take the hiking path up to the church (Santuario Madonna della Corona). Follow this path for almost an hour, until you reach a sort of small half-cave. Soon after this, take the path that branches off to the right, and follow it until you reach the bridge that crosses the canyon. Cross the bridge and you will soon find the entrance on your left. Ca. 1.5 hours at a relatively easy pace.

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