Bodyboarder Charges PSYCHO Indo Slab Alone! Surfing South Sumatra, 9th September 2020

30. 1. 2021

There are quite a few unruly waves on South Sumatra's mainland, and this slab is certainly one of them. A favourite amongst bodyboarders, this place looks barely rideable when big. That didn't put off South African bodyboarder Eugene Meyer, however, who paddled out alone and took on some of the craziest waves we've ever seen! Thanks to Leo Lassence, and Ferdiansyach Toipi (filming with Leo's camera) for an additional couple of clips in this video. The waves and wind are not really playing ball here at the moment, but we are hoping to shoot a few more other spots before we leave for another location. This video features land and drone footage. Enjoy!

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