Jaws February 13th, 2021 - Peahi Tow in and Windsurf Session - Kai Lenny, Ian Walsh, and More

8. 4. 2021

About a month after super swell Saturday (one of the biggest swells to show up in Hawaii in years) A February swell shows up to the north shore of Maui and surfers and windsurfers find themselves surfing 20-30 foot jaws in windy stormy conditions. Kai Lenny charging as usual doing crazy air maneuvers and carving up and down the wave at Jaws while later on in the day grabbing his wind surfing equipment showing how versatile of a waterman he is. The Walsh brothers (Ian, Shaun, and Dk) surfing and getting towed in on their new Redbull seadoos. WSL Big wave rider Trevor Carlson was catching waves all morning. Baby Steve Roberson caught a couple in the morning.Ty Simpson Kane with a pretty tough crash and some other waves. Ridge Lenny with a barrel to backflip in the mist at Peahi. And so much more.

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